Why We Have Too Much Stuff And What We Can Do About It

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We’re aware of the fact that we have too much stuff, but no matter how hard we try, we never manage to get rid of it. Sometimes it’s because we’re too lazy, other times it’s because of infinite procrastination, the 

The Things You Should Let Go Of If You Want To Be Happier

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letting go

We do so many things in our daily lives that make us less happy than we could be. Here’s a handy list of things you should stop doing if you want to live a fuller, happier life. Don’t compare yourself 

The Little Things That Can Make You Happier

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Everyone wants to be happier and the one thing research has told us time and again is that to be happy we need to be present in the moment. Attention, mindfulness and presence all contribute to make us feel happier. 

How Not To Hate Sunday Evenings

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Woman relaxing in candlelit bath 

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Even if you love your job, Sunday evenings can be quite hard: the thought of having to lunge into a hectic daily routine can seem quite daunting. Some people ruin their weekend by thinking about Monday morning for the entirety 

The 8 Happiest Cities In The World

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Koh Samui – Thailand   Thailand’s second largest island, Ko Samui has seen a steady influx of expats attracted by its forests, hidden Buddhist temples and pristine beaches.   San Sebastián – Spain   This lovely Spanish town is perfect 

5 Books That Will Inspire You

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Some books can really inspire you to improve yourself and change your life. Sometimes they present you with ideas that can completely change your way of thinking. Flourish: A Visionary Understanding of Happiness and Wellbeing Martin Seligman, a professor at 

5 Ways Of Relieving Stress

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stress relief

Everyone gets stressed out every now and again, but there’re ways you can keep your stress levels in check and even lower them.   Laugh more   Cracking a joke every now and again and be always willing to look 

Tips To Make Your Meditation Easier

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You must’ve read plenty of articles that list the benefits of meditation by now, but one thing is knowing about meditation, another is sitting down to meditate. 1. Think of it as a well-deserved break. Instead of thinking of meditation 

What’s Your Biggest Regret?

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Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.22.02

A group of filmmaker put up a blackboard in New York and asked passers-by to write down their biggest regret. Their answers have all one thing in common: make sure you don’t make the same mistake.  

Two Types of People

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There’re two kinds of people in the world: this is the premise behind 2kindsofpeople.tumblr.com, a blog that aims to split the human population right in the middle. From those who prefer triangular sandwiches to those who prefer analog watches, all sorts of